Center was founded in 2009 to bring together specialists in the field of traditional healing techniques of various cultures and peoples of the world. We consider human health in unity and interaction of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual factors and suggest ways of harmonizing and development. The center provides a wide range of advisory services, workshops to promote health and a variety of educational programs. We can get advice on spiritual teachings, intercultural communication, healthy lifestyle in the traditions of different countries, learn relaxation techniques, effectively relieve stress and emotional stress, increase mental and physical activity, walking procedure recovery, purification and rejuvenation of the body, learn to reach harmony with oneself and the world. The Center is a platform for interdisciplinary discussions in ethnomedicine, a holistic approach to human health, psychology and psychotherapy, sociocultural anthropology (including medical anthropology), sociology, cultural studies, comparative religion, and other disciplines. Space of our center is designed to help everyone looking for and going. We invite interesting people and organize public seminars for everyone. In our workshops, you can chat with Orthodox priests, monks and teachers of India and Tibet, known anthropologists, psychologists and therapists, healers from around the world. Our guests tell, show and teach. Yoga, healing practices, and lectures on various topics, music and dances of the peoples of the world, and much more - let it all be relying on your way. Contact: 926 979 tel.8 94 ​​09, e-mail: healingland@mail.ru. Office center is located at: 121615, Moscow, Rublevskoe, Building 16, Building 2, gate 3.