Psychological help

The center provides a multidisciplinary psychological assistance, which is dependent on the type of problem the client, his / her personality, age and cultural characteristics, in accordance with which the emphasis is on verbal or non-verbal methods. Work carried out in the form of   individual counseling and psychotherapy family counseling, aimed at harmonizing the relationships between spouses, parents and children thematic group sessions, classes and workshops   Considering human health in unity and interaction of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions, the center suggests ways to harmonize and human development to achieve unity and harmony with ourselves and with the world. Center works with the various states of crisis, dependencies, mood disorders (including fears, panic attacks, phobias) psychosomatic diseases (in particular, conducted psychological support of patients with bronchial asthma, vascular dystonia, etc.). One of the areas of psychotherapeutic method of the center is to provide psychological assistance to foreign nationals, migrants and refugees in overcoming the crisis of identity, their adaptation to new socio-cultural conditions in the host country, integration into Russian society and the development of intercultural skills. Methods of psychotherapeutic work: - Spiritually-oriented psychology and psychotherapy - Body-oriented therapy techniques - Process-oriented therapy - Art therapy - Psychoanalysis - Psychodrama and social drama - Method for setups B.Hellingeru - Music therapy, including vokaloterapiya - Dance and movement therapy - Maintenance therapy